Thermometers from pools and spas for student use.

Water 101 Basics

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Water 101 Basics

Monitor Water Temperature

Water temperature influences many properties and interactions of water. This simple measurement can add valuable data to water quality studies used for science fair projects from elementary and middle school to high school and beyound.

Use one our Rainbow Water Thermometers to measure water temperature. These thermometers are the type used for water temperature in spas, swimming pools, recreational facilities and other outdoor water sources.
• Tube Thermometers
• Sink or Float Thermometers
• Digital Water Thermometers

Choose one of these economical sturdy thermometers for water studies.

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Tube Thermometers

Sink or Float Thermometers

Digital Water Thermometers

Digital Thermometer with alert feature. Displays F. Has 4 alert features.


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These are inexpensive Thermometers. They are very simple to use and produce valuable data useful in science fair project involving water. Please, Contact Us for more information.